• Dawn of Christianity

    Hari Ketenjian

  • Current Affair

    Taleen Hacikyan

  • Dreaming of You, A Sax Duet for You and I. All Blues

    Berge Missakian

  • Sunny Still Life

    Berdj Tchakedjian

  • Sculptures

    Garen Bedrossian

  • Sunday Morning

    Bedros Aslanian

  • Still Life(Le Bouqet)

    Joseph Mandalian

  • Vital Movements

    Garen Bedrossian

  • Conception Immaculée

    Diane Babayan

  • Modern Man (diptych)

    Krikor Agopian

  • Magical Moment

     Jack Jelilian

  • Sculptures

    Garen Bedrossian

  • Les Musiciens

    Baydzar Avedikian

  • Jazz up in Cordoba

    Berge Missakian

  • The Red Roof

    Hagop Khoubesserian

  • Illiad

    Zorair Atabekian

  • Spring Fever

     Leo Faridani

  • Monastery of Holy Virgins Ani, Alix/Elo Der Melkonian

  • Off Queen Street, Arto Yuzbasiyan

  • Soft Night, Serge Deherian

  • Reclining Figure

    Hagop Khoubesserian


Hamazkayin Canada is part of Hamazkayin Armenian Educational and Cultural Society(hamazkayin.com), a global non-profit organization established in 1928, with active presence in the Americas, Europe and the Middle East.

The mission of Hamazkayin Canada is to:

  • Maintain and promote the Armenian culture through various cultural initiatives
  • Encourage Canadian artists of Armenian heritage, to excel in their chosen field, by providing a forum for their artistic expressions, through sponsoring and organizing public performances, art exhibitions, festivals, publications, seminars, etc.
  • Nurture the talents and abilities of the youth, by providing them a platform to develop and launch their artistic careers.
  • Introduce Canadian artists and their work to the Canadian Armenian community and promote Armenian artists to become part of the Canadian art scene.

Get involved:

Whether you are an artist or an art-lover, an individual or a business, we are confident that Hamazkayin can provide a suitable platform for you to get involved through our Chapters.

  • Become a member
    Complete a membership form today and show your pride in becoming a member of the Hamazkayin family!  
  • Volunteer/participate
    Join any of our committees (Dance, Theater, Choir, Art, bookstore etc.) and take part in organizing an upcoming event.  
  • Donate
    Hamazkayin welcomes your donations, which help support our many programs. You may make your cheque payable to ‘Hamazkayin’. Visit the ‘"Contact Us"’ page for our our address.  
  • Raise awareness
    Spread the word about our initiatives and events, through various means including social media. Look up ‘Hamazkayin Canada’ on Facebook; we look forward to seeing you there!

2016-2017 Regional Committee – Canada

Dzovig Kahvejian – Chairperson
Kevork Tachejian – Secretary, regional liaison with Sanahin Chapter of Montreal.
Salpy Markarian – Treasurer
Gaghik Khachatrian – Accountant, regional liaison with "Datev" chapter of Cambridge
Meghety Etyemezian - Advisor, regional liaison with "Klatsor" chapter of Toronto.